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Online Catalogue | Crystals, Stones & Net/Layout Kits

Crystals, Stones & Net/Layout Kits

Online Catalogue | Crystals, Stones & Net/Layout Kits


Shungite is estimated to be about 2 billion years old.

It is found only in the area of Russia near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia.

The most important mineral present in shungite is 'fullerene' or Carbon 60 mixed within a silica lattice.

It is an amorphous variety of carbon/graphite that looks like a cross between coal and jet.

People have found it to be excellent for use as electromagnetic shielding and effective in healing many conditions

Layouts Sets

Sets of crystals for layouts that are not 'Nets' or Doorways'

Doorway and Net Crystals Kits

Boxed sets of crystals for specific layouts and nets/doorways, with instructions.

Gem Essences

Traditionally made gem and crystal essences.

We have included here the 'Top Ten' of the most useful and not-easy- to-get gem essences, with a selection of tourmaline essences plus the Preseli Bluestone Essences.

We have hundreds of gem essences, so have given the option to order your personal requirements. The list with that choice is only indicative of what we have, as they are too numerous to list online.

Online Catalogue | Crystals, Stones & Net/Layout Kits

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